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I love light and color.  I love perspective, and the various and infinite methods we have to frame and reach story.  I love Los Angeles, and find she is a great beauty and perfect in every posture she chooses, every angle from which she's seen. 

I live in downtown Los Angeles - not Beverly Hills or Studio City or Santa Monica or Echo Park; but from time to time I'll take pictures there, too.  I take them with my phone, and I post some of them from time to time on instagram or on facebook.  (I have a very fancy camera, too, but I don't carry it around much).  I made a resolution - but after the new year because I'm a bit of a procrastinator -  to take at least one photo a day this year to post on Instagram.  The reasons I'm doing this are at least twofold, philosophical and practical.
  • I want to celebrate and record moments, so that I know and remember that I was there. Memories are fuzzy.  Each photo is less than a second, less than a moment; a remembrance of mood and moment.  Time moves fast; I want to capture a tiny bit of its soul.  It's a little bit as if I'm taking notes on my 2013 urban experience.
  • I want to wallpaper my bathroom with an instagram-collage of the city I live in.  I don't care much for the paint.
So, from time to time, I'll post a few photos here.   I use no filters, and they are not retouched or photoshopped; if they are, I'll tell you what I did.  I might add a story from time to time about the photo, if I feel like it.

I took this picture of the back of Disney Hall last week, as I was walking back down the hill after my yoga class, after the rains.   This city - she is spectacular.  I love the way pieces of Gehry reflect, float and disintegrate into the skies, like the extraordinary music that fills the building every day.
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